Other Great Remodels

Every room has it’s own designated purpose for use and we intend to intently design them to function easily but have the little detailed touches that truly make it one-of-a-kind. We start with the user experience and comfort when we design a theater, but begin with casual fun and accessibility when we design a play room. Colorado is a beautiful and bright place to live and incorporating outdoor living is one of the most incredible additions to a patio or deck that increases your livable space. We create each space individually and specifically for these purposes. Now, let’s get to designing!

Living Rooms are one of the most used rooms in a house. Typically the fireplace or TV wall are the feature. When we come in to layout a room, we take the entire space into mind. Cultured stone or chiseled stone can be a beautiful addition to a fireplace or TV surround. It brings in the natural element that we need to ground the space. Barnwood can also be a nice, rustic or modern look bringing warmth into the room. Fireplaces can be gas, electric or wood burning and need to fit the style and fit the functional size of the room spreading heat throughout. Mantles and shelving is also a great place to introduce the Colorado style. Alder wood brings such character with the knots and warmer tones, especially when you introduce distressed material to it. Distressing is such an easy way to add character so the piece looks like it has aged very well.

Bedrooms are a very personal space and can have such fun and inspiring palettes. We love to wire the room for any future plans so that anything that you or a guest would want, it’s covered. Electrical and future tubes for a TV and hidden receivers can be easily ran before drywall. Bed lights with switches can be incorporated simply. Closets are designed for each occupant so that we have enough hanging, stacking and sorting areas for every need.

There are so many places and ways to inject your style and personality that teaming with the right Contractor can make all the difference. We can create those intimate and fun areas that will bring a smile to you every time you walk by!