Kitchen Remodels

Kitchens are a very convenient gathering place whether you are entertaining friends and guests or just creating an intimate family meal. They are a centerpiece of almost every house and are designed to be the main focus. We integrate creative design and modern elements with time-honored craftsmanship to create a truly unique and unforgettable space that will add value to your home and enhance your family gatherings.

The focal point of any Kitchen is carefully crafted and can be any feature that you want to draw attention to. It can be the beautiful hardwood cabinets with just enough glazing in the corners to give it that much needed character! Or just clean and modern with a glossy finish to stay Contemporary.

What about highlighting the gorgeous Granite countertops with quartz deposits. Granite is still such a timeless addition to any kitchen. There are so many different pieces that would completely be an artsy statement or a subtle accent. Quartz counters can add a clean functionality to the space. Butcher Block can highlight the rustic feel of a kitchen and give some much-needed warmth.

We could design a show-stopping wall feature. It can be with backsplash tile, cultured stone, barnwood, glass, granite, quartz, marble, etc. The options are limitless but we want to make sure that the backsplash or feature stands out and is substantial. This means taking the backsplash up underneath the cabinets or up the entire wall to create that custom feature you’ve been craving! It doesn’t have to stop just with the selection either. We work closely with our installers to create a unique installation pattern to make it fully custom.

Finally, the fixtures can always make statements on their own or blend in. The difference between a Stainless Steel Undermount Sink and a Porcelain Farmhouse Sink can change the entire look of the space from Contemporary to Rustic. We can also install panels on the appliances to make them blend in with the cabinetry. The lighting can be that little cherry on top to complete the design!

So whatever your desire, we can take that and create an entire design, material selections and creative installation patterns to give you that Kitchen that you’ll love to gather at for years to come.