Bathroom Remodels

Bathrooms are meant to be a “getaway”, combining elements of vacations, warmth and sunlight. The senses should all be satisfied in a perfect bathroom design. With rainheads, body sprays, jetted tubs, his/hers specialty wood vanities, natural stone, glass, and natural plants, we go through each element to create a cohesive palate designed to satisfy any customer. From full Guest Baths to Master Bath Suites, we create these oasis’ of relaxation through clean elements, durable surfaces and the newest integrated technology so that you enjoy your bathroom for years to come.

The focal point of any Bathroom is carefully crafted and can be any feature that you want to draw attention to. From the natural stone countertops to the artistically designed shower wall tile, any surface can be highlighted for display. Bathrooms are a place of solace and peace, meant to invoke feelings of relaxation. Everything we design and choose for this room is intentional and purposeful. Typically, we begin with the functionality of the vanities. Storage space sometimes is a commodity and so we take that into account and create custom pull outs, drawers, plug stations, etc to make the most of the vanity space. Then we design the doors and drawer fronts along with any color stain or paint to uniquely highlight your personal style.

Since the bathrooms don’t see as much wear as Kitchens do, it’s a perfect place to start using those softer countertop materials. Instead of granite, what about using Marble, Travertine or Onyx. Marble is such a timeless look and has an elegance to it. Travertine brings the subtle warm tones and is has a very versatile color selection to match any style. Onyx can be that “Wow” factor because of it’s semi-translucent properties we can light it from underneath so that it is a nice, soft warm glow which can be perfect for a tub surround! Stained Wood Species with a Live-Edge can really bring the rustic Colorado style front and center!

We could design a show-stopping shower or floor feature. It can be with porcelain, ceramic, travertine, marble, natural stone, slate, glass, metal, etc. The options are limitless but we want to make sure that theshower and bathroom floor are enjoyable and elevated so that you can enjoy them and show them off! We can run the tile in a soldier stack, brick lay, herringbone or on an angle. Once we select all of the main field tile and feature tiles we can select the installation method and how it lays. We work closely with our installers to create a unique installation pattern to make it fully custom.

Finally the fixtures starting with functionality first. Rainhead fixtures can give that feeling of pure bliss rushing down over your head. Body sprays can completely engulf you in warmth and we can install those on the showerhead wall or the opposite wall so that no matter where you turn, you’re getting covered in a hot shower. Handheld showers are always such an easy and functional piece to install not only because they give you another point of pressure but also it makes cleaning showers that much easier. We can also enclose the entire shower from floor to ceiling with glass and install a steam shower unit. Now you never have to leave the house and go to the neighborhood gym to get your steam shower. After a long day or week, coming into our perfect oasis of relaxation is so rewarding. Reward yourself!

So whatever your desire, we can take that and create an entire design, material selections and creative installation patterns to give you that Bathroom that you’ll love to come home to for years to come.